gelbe Box


Am Postbahnhof 17 in 10243 Berlin

Eike Becker_Architekten

Sechsundvierzigste Verwaltungsgesellschaft DWI Grundbesitz mbH

Q4 in 2017

scheduled for Q1 / Q2 in 2020


ca. 70 meters



34 parking spaces

lobby + gastronomy

1st to 19th floor: offices

ca. 13.500 m2

4 elevators with floor targeting

ca. 650 m2

ca. 2.93 m

flexible divider wall systems

open space, group or single offices

windows manually openable

thermal concrete core activation in floor ceiling

integrated trench heaters in the facade area

cavity channels with access trough floor boxes

stray lights in working area, swing lights in corridor

external slats, independently from wind, separately controllable


BNP Paribas Real Estate GmbH

Kranzler Eck Berlin / Kurfürstendamm 22 - 10719 Berlin

+49 (0)30-884 65-156

+49 (0)30-884 65-169